April 29, 2013#

Eli & Fur – Nightmares (Hackman Remix)

Here’s another two of my friends making it big; Eli & Fur. The London based DJ duo have been steadily working their way up the ranks and have played along side the likes of Pete Tong and Sasha. They’ve started producing their own music now and it’s pretty great. So good in fact that Hackman has decided to give their latest track, ‘Nightmares’ the once over.

Clean beats with uplifting melodies and beautiful filtered vocals provided by Jen (aka Fur). Great track and quality remix as is to be expected from Hackman.

So in summary: young, good looking, talented producers and DJing with some of the biggest names in dance music. Yeah things aren’t looking to bad for these two.

Looking forward to new stuff from them in the near future. Will keep you posted when I hear it.

Check out the original mix below. You can even get hold of a 320 copy from their soundcloud. Add generous to that list.